Multifuntional project LOKO LIBEŇ

Pasted : 14.02.2022

We are happy to announce, that new multifuntional project Loko Libeň is currently in the building process! It will offer commercial units, offices and modern flats. The dominant feature will be an artwork in the shape of a locomotive by David Černý, which in the future will connect the project with the building opposite.

Balabenka Point - locomotive from David Cerny

Pasted : 26.02.2020

Balabenka Point is happy to introduce a new piece from the famous David Cerny - locomotive as a functional walkway between two future developments in Lihovarska street, near Kolbenka. More info in this article. 

Balabenka Point - building A

Pasted : 01.05.2019

We are happy to welcome a new company to our premises - Alensa, which has leased offices in Building A.

Building C

Pasted : 04.02.2019

We are happy to announce that our client Sinner Schrader Praha won the office of the year award in annual prestige compation KANCELÁŘE ROKU. The author of the project is studio Kurz architekti. Congratulation!

Building C

Pasted : 21.01.2019

SEN development successfully leased to “Aroma extract labs” - the last 250 sq. m. of retail space in Building C. 

Balabenka Point - building A

Pasted : 06.09.2018

SEN development successfully leased the last 700 sq.m. to company “Zásilkovna” -

Balabenka Point

Pasted : 07.08.2018

Article not only on Balabenka Point project was issued in local magazine Devitka 08/2018.

Restaurant LIHO 12 - opening!

Pasted : 18.06.2018

Finally, it´s here! Restaurant LIHO 12 has opened. You are invited to taste the menu. Check out the website:

Building A

Pasted : 04.06.2018

SEN development successfully leased to “TSK” - another 700 sq. m. office space in Bulding A.

Building C

Pasted : 28.05.2018

We are happy to announce that we open a new cultural space - Galerie Hala C - with "First Exhibition" presenting the work of Israeli sculptor Yossi Salzman and Czech architect Martin Rajnis. The exhibition will be completed by selected artworks from the SAGA Gallery (Andy Warhol). For more info check

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