Building C

Pasted : 14.07.2016

Building C was leased to company Living Venues -, who will organize there business, social or other types of events. 

Building C

Pasted : 05.04.2016

In April 2016 occupancy permit for underground parking places in Building C was issued by Municipality of Prague 9.

Building A

Pasted : 22.02.2016

Office spaces available since 1.8.2016 - 2nd floor (702 sq.m.), 4th floor (708 sq.m.) and 5th floor (370 sq.m.). Offices available from 250 sq.m. For more information don´t hesitate to contact us.

Building C

Pasted : 21.12.2015

Development of building C is in proces of accomplishment by Spring 2016. Building C will offer 1150 sq.m. of commercial spaces and 700 sq.m. of office spaces.

Building A

Pasted : 10.12.2015

SEN development successfully leased to “Dáme jídlo”, additional 220 sq. m. office space in Bulding A.

Building B

Pasted : 15.04.2015

SEN development successfully leased to “Klubík Neználek”, 126 sq.m. space for Kindergarten in Building B.

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